Long Lamb Sate.

Resep Long Lamb Sate Terbaik Hello mom,, selamat datang di situs resep masakan ini. Pada artikel kali ini kita memiliki Resep Long Lamb Sate. Resep kali ini memiliki 18 Bahan utama, dan 4 cara memasaknya. Yuk langsung kita praktekkan membuat Long Lamb Sate.

Resep Long Lamb Sate

  1. lamb.
  2. tablespoon Kecap Manis.
  3. garlic powder.
  4. tablespoon Thai fish sauce.
  5. lime.
  6. For peanuts sauce.
  7. big tablespoon peanut smooth butter.
  8. tablespoon coriander powder.
  9. tablespoon cumin powder.
  10. tablespoon garlic powder.
  11. tablespoon sugar.
  12. tablespoon Thai fish sauce.
  13. Water.
  14. Garnish.
  15. Pickle cucumber.
  16. Tomato.
  17. Onion.
  18. Crispy Onion.

Cara Memasak Long Lamb Sate

  1. Cut lamb meat 1/2 cm – 2cm – 3-4cm and put in plastic bag, and add all marinade, for 2 hours one until next day, ready to skewer it.
  2. Put all peanut sauce mix in good microwave plastic bowl, add 1/2 cut water and put in microwave for 4 minuets, put out and mix it, you will find very tick and bubbly, add 1/2 more and back to microwave 4 minuets, and mix up and add water until thickness like custard.
  3. Grill lamb sate in high fire 3 minuets and turn 3 minuets.
  4. And ready now, enjoy,.

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